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A.C.T. is an industry leader in Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping technology solutions for the management, analysis, and presentation of organizational data. A.C.T. was founded in 1990 and through solid leadership, dedication, and partnerships has grown year over year in size, expertise, and technological advances to support the needs and goals of our clients throughout the USA.


A special focus of A.C.T. is our internet mapping applications which are built with a service-oriented architecture around the ESRI web API technologies. This suite of products includes support for planning, economic development, public works, voter registration, assessment, code enforcement and many other industries.

We pride ourselves on making our customers self-sustaining through knowledge transfer and the use of our automated wizard driven tools for simple configuration and maintenance of A.C.T. software solutions.


A.C.T. provides a full range of professional consulting services, including strategic planning, software and hardware needs assessment, system architecture design, application development, database design and maintenance, and training.

Our team genuinely enjoys the work that we do for our customers and are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. The leadership team instills a motto of continuous improvement or our technology, service, and selves.


A.C.T. is intent on staying at the forefront of enterprise GIS solutions.

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