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Product Overview

In a high-stakes world where the publication and dissemination of geographic and tabular data is essential for critical decision making, A.C.T.offers an innovative solution for minimizing the costs and startup time associated with developing, installing and managing web server applications. A.C.T.delivers “out-of-the-box” software which increases the value and functionality of ESRI’s ArcGIS Server by integrating complicated set-up and maintenance tasks into a user friendly configuration and wizard driven interface.Using a simple installation, web coding, customer configuration, and application customization can be loaded into any Windows based intra- or internet environment. This straightforward and rapid deployment methodology virtually eliminates the costs associated with specialized training and retainment of high level IT staff. A.C.T. additionally incorporates a comprehensive parcel based module into its core product which is not hard coded and static, but is rather a flexible, adaptable, and modifiable solution for facilitating implementations of client applications.


By integrating multiple data formats and easily incorporating existing organizational data sources, A.C.T. provides a client oriented framework via wizard driven interfaces for installation, data mapping, and maintenance. The result is a solution requiring little direct support, thereby minimizing costs, resources and time investments which could better be utilized elsewhere.

As our unrivaled flagship product, A.C.T. Enterprise Edition empowers organizations seeking to implement multiple focused web solutions via a single software framework. Its modular design promotes integration of new functionality and aids the incorporation of additional applications at multiple distributed sites with a minimal effort. By utilizing common source code, A.C.T. Enterprise Edition eliminates the need for redundant application coding, thereby further driving down the costs and minimizing the resources needed for our clients to quickly realize their visions.


  1. Fast installation, Wizard & simple Config for update and customization
  2. Reduced application development time
  3. Easy access to existing data sources
  4. Minimal system maintenance required
  5. Modular framework supporting integration with third-party applications
  6. Flexible customer support options
  7. No special training required
Key Features
  1. Leverages powerful Web Mapping API Technologies
  2. User friendly administration interface
  3. Fully integrated with ESRI’s ArcGIS Server product
  4. Incorporates robust parcel based module
  5. Supports numerous relational database management systems and spatial data formats
  6. Implements multiple web solutions from a common software framework
  7. Common source code to eliminate redundancy

Documentation, Training, and User Support

Because of the user-friendly form design, minimal training and support are required for users of A.C.T's Enterprise Edition.; basic computer and web browser familiarity are usually sufficient. An extensive online help file is provided, and will answer most questions, or give examples of tasks. Telephone and e-mail support is available, free of charge, for the first 90 days. Additional online support, and on-site training is provided for an additional charge.

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