A.C.T. offers exceptional professional services, including:

Software Installation and Customization Assistance
Replacement ArcIMS architecture applications

System Architecture Design
Application Development
Database Design
Application/Data Hosting


A.C.T. Customer Support
A.C.T. is satisfied only when our clients are successful! In addition to our online customer support tools, the A.C.T. Customer Support Team offers responsive and personalized assistance throughout project implementation and post-project maintenance. Continuous online, telephone, and email support are available to all customers.

Assessment of GIS, Software, and Hardware Needs
The A.C.T. team offers expert planning services to help provide an assessment of your existing data, software, and hardware and to recommend an optimal path for the future of your organization. Our team has vast experiene with GIS Strategic Plans, Needs Assessments, and works closely with our clients to provide business process-driven solutions that quickly result in a true return on your investment.

Systems Architecture
Design and plan for network optimization as applied to website functionality. A.C.T. can provide recommendations for software, hardware and security design for your specific data and application environment.

Application Development
A.C.T. employs a proven application development methodology. All applications are created with structured programming techniques embedded with extensive documentation that results in easily maintainable source code. The A.C.T. development team utilizes multiple sign-off stages, including conceptual design, prototyping, coding, delivery, documentation and training.

Database Design
A tabular and spatial database design optimized for web-based GIS application deployment can be performed for your organization. A.C.T. data design services for document and image data repositories can bring the enterprise GIS strategy to your organization. New design services are complemented by our experience and offerings in data conversion.

The A.C.T. team has extensive training experience, including advanced analytical GIS course work for the Forest Service , EPA Labs, as well as many technical training sessions with local & regional government organizations.

Training options may include User Training specific to Installed Applications, Administrator Training for Site Administrators, ArcGIS Server Training, Web Technology and Web-Based GIS Orientation, etc.

Application/Data Hosting
A.C.T. offers full service hosting in conjunction with a world-class data center provider. If you are interested in an Application Service Provider solution, please contact us at

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